King Prawn Thai Green Curry

Serves 1, 2, 6 Gluten Free Frozen
Product Overview

Charred juicy king prawns with a Thai style green coconut peanut sauce, charred butternut squash, sauté green beans & broccoli.

Delicious served with our Baked Onion Rice, available to purchase from our 'Sides' menu.

King prawns (CRUSTACEAN), butternut squash, broccoli, green beans, rapeseed oil, salt, pepper.  Sauce - onions, spinach, lemongrass, ginger, chilli, lime zest, lime juice, sweet chilli sauce- (sugar, water, corn syrup solids, salted chilli pepper (chilli, salt), dehydrated garlic, rice vinegar, salt, modified corn starch, frozen concentrate for pineapple juice (pineapple juice concentrate, water), shallot, garlic powder, acetic acid, citric acid, xanthan gum, paprika oleoresin), garlic, coriander, pepper, gluten free SOY sauce (Water, Soybeans, Salt, Spirit Vinegar), Thai green curry paste – (green chilli 45%, salt, garlic, galangal, lemongrass, shallot, kaffir lime peel, coriander, pepper, cumin, yeast extract, citric acid), peanut butter (NUTS) - (Roasted  Peanuts  (87%), Rapeseed Oil, Certified Sustainable Palm Oil, Sugar, Salt), coconut milk – (Coconut Extract (65%), Water, Stabiliser: Guar Gum (allergens highlighted).

SERVES 1 & 2 INSTRUCTIONS: Cook from frozen - preheat oven to 190 deg. C, pierce lid several times, place container onto a baking sheet and bake for approx. 35-40 minutes until the sauce is bubbling hot. Then simply serve with your favourite accompaniments. 

If this product has been defrosted, simply follow the oven instructions and bake for approx. 20-25 minutes. 

SERVES 6 INSTRUCTIONS: Cook from frozen - preheat oven to 180 deg. C (fan assisted), remove lid, place container onto a baking tray and bake for approx. 60-70 minutes until bubbling hot, transfer to your warmed serving plate or bowl and serve with your favourite side dishes. 

If this product has been defrosted, simply follow the oven instructions and bake for approx. 45 minutes. 

Store in the freezer at –18 deg. C or below, use within one month of purchase.

If defrosted keep in refrigerator for up to 3 days.


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